Our Annual Report

Committed to Sustainable Growth

Transparency & Responsibility to Community
Letter from the President
of Pleasant View’s Board of Directors

As we concluded our 50th Anniversary celebrations, our strategic focus to enhance quality of life for all continued to guide us forward. We significantly increased our in-person community and relational activities, balanced with responsible navigation of the risks of COVID; realigned our residential programs to maintain quality in the midst of the challenging employment market; continued to increase technologies and implement electronic health record systems to streamline documentation and further enhance our quality of services; increased starting pay by over 25% to enhance the quality of life of our valuable employees; and, renovated bathrooms in two of our programs to enhance accessibility. The board is deeply grateful for all of you who have supported Pleasant View this past year following our 50th Golden Jubilee. As we begin these next 50 years of service, your support and our ongoing commitment to quality will ensure individuals with disabilities can live, work, and thrive with an active life in our community. We appreciate that you give to Pleasant View–you are partners with us as we live the vision for creating a vibrant community and services for individuals with disabilities.


Lori Hostetler


Pleasant View Inc. Board of Directors

2022 Annual Report

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