Strategic Plan

A framework for measurable goals & outcomes

Our overall focus is quality of life

We remain true to our mission, vision and values

The following plan identifies strategic areas of focus within the whole of Pleasant View and is designed to provide the framework for measurable goals and outcomes designed to promote higher levels of quality of life, services, and opportunities for the individuals and staff of Pleasant View. The focuses identified are to be actively monitored and updated within Executive Reports to the Board of Directors including measurable outcomes and timelines. The overall focus remains to be true to the mission, vision, and values of Pleasant View while fostering a greater level of quality of life.

The four primary areas of focus are: Competency of and retention of staff, enhance programs and services, improve the environment of care and supports, and increase/maintain financial viability.

Competency & Retention
  • Offer bonus for end of fiscal year 2022-23
  • Incorporate performance-based pay raises with a potential 4% increase
  • Develop master professional development standards to enhance competencies and add to future pay increases
  • Invest and implement Relias as a LMS for professional development
  • Revise metrics and data to better track employee human resource and development measures
Enhance Programs & Services
  • Develop plan for increased opportunities to provide Supported Living services
  • Revise staffing patterns to maximize potential for implementation of community engagement
  • Assess current organization structure to maximize services and maintain manageable workloads
  • Continue to monitor and assess long-term utilization and provision of ICF services
  • Foster and expand community relationships to enhance services and organizational footprint
Improve Envrionment of Care
  • Finalize enhanced connectivity and internet in Harrisonburg Day/Admin
  • Remodel Mumaw and offer as alternative placements for individuals at Lee High and Turner
  • Remodel Gehman and offer as alternative placements for individuals at Moyers
  • Continue organizing of assets at Regional Center and plan future use of the property
  • Continue developing alternative options for Turner House with a target date of 2025
Increase Financial Viability
  • Continue partnership with Housing Authority for leasing and property management of closed facilities for a minimum of two year.
  • Enhance quality control measures for purchasing of household and cleaning supplies while having routine comparisons to previous fiscal years.
  • Continue to monitor and increase billable service hours of the Harrisonburg Day Program
  • Add Community Engagement services to enhance billables
  • Make available monthly budgets for mangers for increased accountability and transparency of expenses and revenue
Organizational Quality & Improvement
  • Incorporate departmental plans and goals to align with strategic direction including Operations, Administration, Human Resources, Quality, Development, and Spirituality
Board of Directors
  • Transfer to digital platform utilizing TEAMS for reports, files, documentation
  • Strengthen the generative work of the Board of Directors to strengthen PVI’s strategic capacity
    • Revise the Board’s recruitment, onboarding, and succession planning processes to include recruitment of BOD candidates with diversity and generative skillsets
    • Formalize a bi-monthly mechanism for board development in its three areas of responsibility (fiduciary, generative, and strategic)
  • Structure board meetings for generative work, including use of consent agenda